Friday, March 27, 2015

Meet The "Crepe Myrtle" Tree (Lagerstroemia)

The Crape Myrtle is in the Lagerstromia family or Lythraceae and originates from China and Korea. The genus includes some 50 trees and shrubs varieties.  Growing in an upright but bushy fashion, with smooth ribbed with a very attractive bark, that is pink and gray with green flecks. The bark appears to peel and adds great interest even during winter when the rest of the tree is bare. The leaves are opposite or alternate and grow in threes.  The flowers which are known for being long lasting, bloom in the summer and vary from White, Pink, Purple, and Scarlet.

It grows commonly from Pennsylvania and Delaware to Texas and North through the Mississippi Valley into southern Illinois, only occasionally is it found as far West as California planted as a ornamental tree.  These trees are commonly planted in both residential and commercial landscapes.

The fruit is a capsule shape which is green when young, aging to a harder dry brown to black color. When dry the fruit splits it releases small winged seeds.  or Follow Our Blog

Image Citations (1-4): Monrovia Nurseries,
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