Monday, March 23, 2015

Meet The "Sycamore" Tree

Meet The "Sycamore" Tree

The Sycamore tree is a large spreading tree. The leave have 3 or 5 shallow lobes with large teeth. The Sycamores leaves are often confused with the Maple as the shape of the leaves are similar. They have fruiting catkins that are round and brown, usually hanging on a long stalk.

They grow naturally near streams and lakes, in swamps and floodplains, mixed forests and most of the Eastern United States.

The wood is light brown, tinged with red. It is very heavy, weak, and difficult to split. Largely used for furniture and interior finish of houses, butcher's blocks. It is not commonly used for firewood since it is hard to split and creates a dust when cut that is irritating to both the skin and lungs.

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