Monday, March 23, 2015

Meet The "Flowering Dogwood"

Meet The "Flowering Dogwood"


With large White or Pink Flowers in the early spring, the Flowering Dogwood is a welcome and familiar sight after a long winter. The flowers are generally 3-4 inches across and are made up of 4 large bracts, surrounding a mass of tiny yellow-green true flowers, appearing before the leaves. The leaves turn bright red in the Fall.

The fruits are small oval, shiny red berries that appear in the Fall. They grow in tight clusters at the end of a long stalk. The flesh of the fruit is mealy and bitter and encloses 1-2 seeds.

The Flowering Dogwood is a small spreading tree commonly found along roadsides, old fields and in broadleaf forests throughout the Eastern United States. It is very commonly used as an ornamental in both residential and commercial landscape settings.  It's West Coast relative is the Pacific Dogwood.  


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