Monday, March 23, 2015

Meet The "Willows"

The Willows form the largest group of woody plants native to North America with at least 90 species and 50 hybrids, with 300-400 recorded worldwide.

Black Willow trees are rarely planted but are very common within their natural range. They are often found in or beside swampy bottom lands and are the tallest of all the Willows.


Willow trees are used in Enkoping, Sweden to clean sewage sludge, reuse waste water, and recycle liquid from landfills. The towns spreads it's waste around the trees, which in turn decompose and recycle it.

Pomo Indian Tribe are recorded to have boiled the inner root of the Willow to make a Tea. They drank it in strong doses to induce sweating in cases of fever and chills. In the South, the Natchez prepared fever remedies from the bark of the Red Willow. The Willow was given the nickname toothache tree as it was commonly chewed to relieve toothaches and headaches.

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