Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The President's Park at the White House

The President's Park is made up of the lands that surround the White House, equaling just over 82 acres.  The Park includes two trails, one to the North of the White House and one to the South as well as many statues and memorials in honor of our past President's, First Ladies, as well as Military and other Memorials signifying different events and people who have helped shape our nation.  Both trails begin at the White House Visitor Center, which is located at 1450 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington D.C.  On both trails you will have great views of the White House, the home and office of the President of the United States and first family. The Park also contains the Ellipse (a large open area surrounded by an oval drive), Haupt Fountains, The Boy Scout Memorial, The National Christmas Tree and The Second Division Memorial - just to name a few.

Many trees have been planted within the park by various Presidents and First Ladies during their time at the White House.  Below is a list of each tree, it's planter as well as a number to identify it on the map below.  Not included on this Map is The National Christmas Tree, Originally planted in 1923, it has moved locations around the grounds as it's predecessors have  declined.

1. Southern Magnolia - Warren G. Harding
2. Southern Magnolia - Franklin D. Roosevelt
3. The Jacqueline Kennedy Garden 
4. Willow Oak - Ronald Reagan
5. Little Leaf Linden - George Bush
6. White Dogwoods x 2 - Hillary Rodham Clinton
7. White Pine - Gerald R. Ford
8. Eastern Redbud - George Bush
9. Northern Red Oak - Dwight D. Eisenhower
10. Patmore Ash - George Bush
11. Purple Beech - George Bush 
12. American Elms - John Quincy Adams / George Bush
13.White Oak - Herbert Hoover
14. Willow Oak - Hillary Rodham Clinton
15. Japanese Maple - Jimmy Carter
16. Japanese Maple - Grover Cleveland 
17. American Elm - William J. Clinton
18. Children's Garden - Lyndon B. Johnson
19. White Dogwood x 3 - Hillary Rodham Clinton
20. Cedar of Lebanon - Jimmy Carter 
21. White Oak - Herbert Hoover
22. Pin Oak - Dwight D. Eisenhower 
23. Little Leaf Linden - William J. Clinton
24. Little Leaf Linden - Franklin D. Roosevelt 
25. Willow Oak - Lyndon B. Johnson
26. Saucer Magnolia x 4 - John F. Kennedy 
27. Rose Garden 
28. Southern Magnolia x 2 - Andrew Jackson
29. Sugar Maple - Ronald Reagan 
30. Fern Leaf Beech - Richard M. Nixon
31. Fern Leaf Beech - Lyndon B. Johnson
32. American Elm - Gerald R. Ford 
33. American Boxwood - Harry S. Truman
34. Red Maple - Jimmy Carter 
35. White Saucer Magnolia x 2 - Ronald Reagan
36. White Oak - Franklin D. Roosevelt
37. Scarlet Oak - Benjamin Harrison

Image Citations: The White House Historic Guide
(The White House Historical Association- Visitors Guide Circa 2001/Bound)

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